N - litter (2014)

Star.jpgJinx pp.jpg

                  dam                                             sire

        ES*Supernova Star                     EE*Jinx Herencia

             Sunny Queen

There were born 3 little Birman babies on 09.-th of July 2014. The proud parents are ES* Supernova Star Sunny Queen & EE* Jinx Herencia.

Three little Angels will be 4 weeks old for now and I can see that there will be one chocolate point boy & bluetabby boy and the girl is sealtabby.

Inbreeding in 5-th generation is 0%; in 9-th generation is 0,401%.



name sex colour quality status
Northon Herencia male SBI b show stays with us
Nordic Star Herencia female SBI n21 breed/show at her new home in Espoo
Nathaniel Herencia male SBI a21 pet at his new home in Viimsi