K - litter (2013)

Beverly ppp.jpgpilt 015ppp.JPG

                       dam                                               sire

CH S*Raus Höjden's Beverly    CH S*Raus Höjden's Nelson

                                                                         af Raus



On the 6-th of July 2013 there were born 4 kittens in our cattery.

Proud parents are our Beverly and Nelson.


Inbreeding in 4-th generation is 0%; in 9-th generation is 2,03%.

K-litters pedigree

name sex colour quality status
Kingston Herencia male SBI n21 breed/show at his new home in Kaliningrad
Kayzer Herencia male SBI b show/breed stays in cattery
KnightRider Herencia male SBI a show/breed at his new home in Tallinn
Kyara Herencia female SBI b breed at her new home in St.Peterburg